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As founder and CCO of the award-winning global content studio Ntropic, Nate Robinson’s sincere obsession for his craft and 360° technical prowess is accompanied by the sobering sense of humility he embodies in his work. In the C Suite or out with the film crew toasting to a successful wrap, Nate is committed to making the experience of producing content just as spectacular as the finished product.

Brought into the world of filmmaking by the grit and glimmer of pro skaters Jeff Kendall and Rob Roskopp, Nate began creating videos for Santa Cruz Skateboards at the age of 15. The bright-minded kid who was bombing hills on his oldschool with pockets full of super8 would in three years time have an Emmy nomination for a documentary collab with the Beastie Boys: “The World Isn’t Listening.” The piece garnered worldwide festival exposure, awards, and focused international attention on the Free Tibet movement. Electric with emotion, the MTV-gen audiences of Nate’s earlier projects demanded relation and to be understood. His ability to connect with consumers and tap into the pulse of the public’s desire for freshness was the jet fuel in launching Ntropic, and continues to drive the company’s success.

Now with studios in cities worldwide, Nate’s engine runs seamlessly across time zones to produce beautiful content for a diverse set of clients that include Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Levi’s and Visa. Whether he’s working in the commercial realm, on feature films, or music videos for celebs like Rihanna and My Chemical Romance, the alacrity with which Nate is able to develop and articulate his vision transcends conventional workflow. His holistic approach to process – centered around the belief that each facet of production requires equal attention to achieve overall fluidity – allows for a harmonious relationship to exist among collaborating creative minds. With every project he takes on, Nate’s metallic curiosity is paving the future of the industry and the world around him.

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