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Born in Copenhagen and raised partially in New York, Nicolas Winding Refn is a Danish producer, screenwriter, and director who waltzes between feature films and television series with an inimitable style. With a penchant for characters that must transform themselves due to their encountered circumstances in order to become who they are destined to be, he absorbs his audiences in rich and varied storytelling. Winding Refn has won several of the film world’s most prestigious prizes such as the Cannes Film Festival’s Best Director Award for Drive in 2011. He often works in advertising to challenge himself by expressing his art in a different format. He has directed award-winning commercials for Gucci featuring Blake Lively, a series of Lincoln commercials starring Matthew McConaughey, and branded content for Hennessy and Nike. He is currently prepping a new series for HBO and two feature films including a comedy with Ryan Gosling.

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