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Kate Cox

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Kate graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a First Class Hons in Fine Art and  went on to work as Assistant Art Director in film and TV, before moving to London to hone her photographic eye by assisting editorial and portrait photographers. In 2017, Kate began directing her own scripts. Her work often tackles the complex, current and distinctly human subject matters that are too often underrepresented on screen. Being drawn to ideas of gender, the female experience and sexuality, Kate’s storytelling is both tender and bold, refusing to shy from the emotionally knotty and sensitive themes at its core.

Her first short, VERT (2019) starring Nikki Amuka-Bird, Nick Frost and Olivia Vinall, won the SXSW Vimeo Staff Pick award and went on to be featured on Amazon Prime. VERT explores identity through a V.R device that shows the characters their "ideal self".

Kate is currently working on her own feature script BAMBINA, a sibling coming of age drama set in expat Spain in the mid ninties.

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